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About Me


     I start my career as a photographer since I was 20 years old. Greatly interested and attracted to photography and beautiful pictures. I was inspired by a discovery that a professional photographer is able to alter the mood and tone of photographs, enriching them in various ways imaginable, just like the designing of beloved car to be more powerful and attractive with the only difference being the use of viewfinder and shutter instead of pen and pencils. Due to this, I dedicated a tremendous amount of time and effort in the study of this field, and earned a degree in Fine and Applied Arts Program in Photography from the Faculty of Architecture in King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang.  

I've worked for many agency and magazine in Thailand such as Instyle, Praew, Hello, Mestyle Home & Living, Lisa, and mostly for a wedding magazine, WE Magazine. My photography works appear mostly on columns relating to accessories and jewelleries. With 10 years of working experience in this field I am able to capture the intricate details and brilliant allure of jewelleries at their finest, highlighting the true value of each jewellery piece. Since 2012, I have recommended by Canon ( Thailand ) as an instructor for workshop and presentation events. I am also a founder of the Cream Wedding Photographer team, a unique team consisting of professional wedding photographers and stylists especially skilled in wedding photography.


119/24 COZY by BNTD, Soi Ladphrao 41 Yeak6-7, Ladphrao Road, Chankasem, Jatujak, Bangkok

Tel: +6692-324-2020


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